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Hudson Valley 360, Legislators Air Concern Over GCCA Exhibition

Daily Freeman, Art Beat, The Bedroom At Joyce Goldstein

TWAT, The Women Artist Team

Brooklyn Based, A Guerrilla Gallery on a Subway Platform, by Asa Merritt

Roll Magazine, Trailer Art Anarchy, by Claire Lambe

International Culture Lab, Diva Divan

Almanac Weekly, Exquisite Corpse at Paula Lalala MVSEVM, by Paul Smart

Whether Again Gallery, The Rotation of Language, Scott Fulmer

Proteus Gowanus, Paradise

Last Brucennial,  Coach Nick Saban

Arts Alive, “Ad Infinitum”, Greene County Council on the Arts

The Daily Mail, “Ad Infinitum”, by Kyle Adams

Joyce Goldstein Gallery, Dystopian Domesticity, Jessica Willis

Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival

Omi International Arts Center


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