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In addition to the Paula Lalala MVSEVM, Paula Lalala.me, and the more traditional works offered at PaulaLalala.com, this page offers links to other creative endeavors Paula is connected with.

TWAT: The Women Artist Team

Enhanced Art Resources

Landscape Preservation Society


Autodidact Institute

Outlandish Stroll

Art Experience

Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild

Art Experience


ontology statement – “She is complex and multifaceted.”

Britelites, 1987, site-specific installation in an abandoned lot, collaboration w/ Suzy Byrne
Britelites, 1987
Britelites, 1987

Another Manifesto by Paula Lalala, 2016

My artistic practice is primarily transformationally driven, therefore;

  • I embrace art as a process for growth and evolution which is applicable to the individual as well as culture and society.
  • I embrace art as a system for sublime communication via the human physical, mental, and emotional systems.
  • I embrace art as a tool for probing corporeal and spiritual existence.

My art is an inward and outward exploration which includes experiments in human interaction and communion.

My work exists within concentric circles of connection and community.

Much of my work manifests as sort of nonsectarian ex voto, or offering.

I have created installations in abandoned locations, small chambers for individual multi-sensory stimulation, performances, ritualistic exchanges, procedural interactions, collaborative projects, and my own small museum which functions synergistically as a giant self portrait and experience-oriented community center.

I am interested in experience within and without, both literally and symbolically.

I delve and dwell deep within the recesses of my own heart, mind, and soul and without as my spirit soars to connect with my loved ones, people I meet, strangers I observe, humanity at large, and across all time and space to the mysterious ultimate cause.

I honor all aspects of existence of which I am aware, this includes the pain, loss, and sorrow as well as joy, nature, beauty, and love. When I am in the cave of deep depression, or in the throes of manic outpouring, I am an artist, and contributing to the whole of existence. We are all artists.

Brand Identity, 2014 detail image
Brand Identity, 2014 Limited Edition digital slide show of 11 images, one Paula Lalala MVSEVM t-shirt , plastic and metal hanger

The search for meaning, both personal and collective, has been a fundamental source of my creative outpouring. My work explores the difference between the lived experience and the documented experience. To this end, I use familiar tools, systems, and constructs in an effort to capture and probe fleet existence.

Landscape paintings, portraiture, drawings, museums, business entities,  games, procedures, and documents are some of the familiar templates I use in an attempt to define, understand, and examine temporal reality.

What is the relationship between meaning and value? In addition to monetary value, it can safely be said that works of art may possess social, cultural, emotional, and /or intellectual value. An exploration of value contributes to the form and content of my body of work.

Paula Lalala



Metaphysician specializing in Aesthetic and Corporeal healing

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